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New Commercial – Sarkis Family Psychiatry – Celebrating 20 Years
You deserve to feel better.

Sarkis Clinical Trials Commercial.

> Dr Sarkis on TV 20 – Medical Spotlight 9/9/11 – “Mental Health Help”

by Lisa Wolf – September 9th 2011

Early detection and treatment can lead a person suffering from mental illness towards a path of recovery.

Lisa wolf explains to us why mental health screenings were being provided to the community free of charge in downtown Gainesville. For more on the story please click the video.

> Dr Sarkis on TV 20 – Medical Spotlight 8/22/11 “Depression”

by David Snyder – August 22nd 2011

Here’s one more way that men and women are different.

According to a study just published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology… women more often internalize their emotions, leading to a higher rate of depression. And while there seems to be an ever- growing number of medications on the market — is that the best way to treat depression?

In the Medical Spotlight, Elias Sarkis, M.D., founder of Sarkis Clinical Trials in northwest Gainesville explains to TV 20′s David snyder the latest about the causes — and triggers — of depression.

> Dr Sarkis on TV 20 – Medical Spotlight 11/1/10 “Clinical Trials”

by David Snyder – November 1st 2010

They boldly go where no mind has gone before.

The field of Psychiatry relies on specialized studies to learn more about mental illness, and how to treat it. But, how are those studies performed, and who is performing them?

Elias Sarkis, M.D., of Sarkis Clinical Trials in Gainesville tells TV 20′s David Snyder how these trials can benefit the people who volunteer for them, in the Medical Spotlight.

> Dr Sarkis on TV 20
Dr Sarkis of Gainesville, FL talking with Amanda of TV 20 on Childhood ADHD.